Tennis Timing & Charges

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Tennis Timing & Charges.


  1. The Occupation of courts will be on first come first basis. Every member should write his/her name ore instruct the marker or write his/her name as per the seniority existing on the black board. Black boards are provided to all the courts). The total time limit per court per session is to a limit of 45 minutes only.
  2. The member(s) should check out after the completion of a set and check in if he/she have a chance to play according to the seniority on the black board.
  3. The member shall be present at the tennis court when his/her chance to play comes up. If he/she is not present and if another member enters the tennis court, then the member who lost the chance cannot demand entry into the tennis court for that set.
  4. If some members have played two sets already and are awaiting along with other members who have not played two sets, the eligibility to play would be determined as follows:
                A.  A fresher (if more members are in this category, then, member who arrived earlier is eligible.
                B.  Member who has played only one set (if more members are in this category, then, who arrived is eligible.
                C.  If all the members have played two sets, then, the earliest among this category will be eligible to play.
  5. Singles can be played if there are less than four members per court. When two members are playing singles and if the total number of games played in the set is six games, these two members should be allowed to complete the set (set means ‘Eleven’ games)
  6. If a member is playing singles with the ‘Marker’, if a member arrives and if the total number of games is ‘Three’ or less, then the Marker should vacate and the member can enter and start a fresh set. If the total number of games is more than three games, the, it is left to the discretion of the member who has arrived about playing. If he/she intends to join, the play will be continued without any change in the score at that point and will be considered that the member has played a set
  7. If the member is not playing a set but only rallying with the marker and a member arrives, then, the marker should vacate the court and allow the member to play.
  8. Those members who would like to play with their own playing partners can book court No. 4 (from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m.) in advance and the playing time is maximum of 40 minutes (whether it is rallying or playing a set). The booking is by writing on the black board available in the court. The members who intend to play on this court are not eligible to play on the remaining three courts and vice versa, provided the courts are empty.
            A.  Suppose a member ‘A’ has booked the court and is playing singles with a member ‘B, then the member ‘B’ cannot book for the next session immediately. Both members ‘A’ ‘B’ chances will be after the next batch of fresher complete playing , i.e. their seniority will be last in the order.
            B.  Even in doubles the above condition (i) applies
            C.  Only a member can do the booking of this court. No dependant member can book and play on this court.
            D.  A dependant member can play on this court provided the parent of the dependant books and plays with him/her.
            E.  Member(s) cannot book this court and allow ether dependant(s) to play. The member should be involved in playing.
  9. Ball & Racquet abuse, use of foul language on the tennis court, repeated talking during play, which causes disturbance to the other members on the court or to the one in the neighboring court, shall be strictly dealt with.
  10. Member(s) should register the name(s) of the/their guest(s) by paying the guest fee of Rs. 150/- + Tax(Rupees One Hundred Fifty only ) on week Days & Weekend and General Holidays 200+Tax per guest at the security table. Members introducing a guest to the club shall be responsible for his/her compliance of the rules of the Club House.
  11. A Member may bring in not more than three guests at a time. The Member should be present with the guest(s) at all times and play with the guests.
  12. No member will introduce as his/her guest more than thrice a month. Suppose ‘X’ is a guest for a member ‘P’ three times in a particular month, then, any other member to the club cannot entertain this guest ‘X’ in that particular month.
  13. If a member intends to play with a coach of KSLTA or a ward of the coaching, the member should register him/her as a guest only. The rule 14 applies in this case also.
  14. Dependant members cannot entertain guests to the club.
  15. Members are requested to follow the dress code mentioned below.
            A.  T-Shirt, shorts or tracksuit and tennis shoes for boys/men.
            B.  T-Shirt, Shorts or frock or tracksuit and tennis shoes for girls/ladies.
  16. Members are requested not to pressurize the marker/manager for extension of playing hours and making the courts available for play when the courts are wet and not fit for play. Such incidents shall be dealt with strictly.
  17. If the marker(s) has/have played continuously with member(s), members are requested to give the marker(s) ample time to recoup themselves.
  18. Members are requested not to abuse the staff of the club house if there is any problem or indiscipline by the staff of the club house. The same may be registered in the complaint book available with the security personnel or in writing about the incident to the Secretary.
  19. During Major National/International Tournaments held under the auspices of KSLTA, the facilities at the club house shall not be available to the member (Rule 14.04).
  20. Members on Sat & Sundays the inner 3 Courts are available from 6.30a.m to 10.30a.m  and from 4.30p.m to 8.30p.m. the 4th court is available from 6.30a.m to 8.30p.m.



1 Morning Weekdays

6.30 a.m to 8.30 a.m

8.30 a.m to 9.30 a.m

Courts 1 & 2

All 4 Courts

2   Sundays and *General Holidays

6.30 a.m to 10.30 a.m

10.30 a.m to 12.00p.m

All 4 courts

4th Court Only

3 Evening Weekdays

4.30 p.m to 6.30 p.m

6.30 p.m to 8.30 p.m

Courts 1 & 2

All 4 courts

4   Sundays and *General Holidays

12.  p.m to 3.30 p.m

3.30 p.m to 8.30 p.m

4th Court Only

All 4 Courts


* General Holidays are those that are adopted by Government of Karnataka.


  1. Members Monthly Subscription - ₹ 325.00 + Tax Per Month
  2. Dependant Monthly Subscrption - ₹ 200.00 + Tax Per Month
  3. Week Days Guest Charges – ₹ 150.00 + Tax
  4. Weekend & General Holidays - ₹ 200.00 + Tax

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